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colour + material collection


This library contains carefully selected and strategically coordinated materials and colours

The standard grade leather used by Vitra is a robust cowhide leather, dyed-through, pigmented and embossed with an even grain pattern. Since it is hard-wearing and easy to maintain, it can also be used in office environments. Standard Leather is available in 8 colours.

Leather Standard
Leather Forte

Forte leather is distinguished by a fine soft grain with a matte lustrous sheen. The split leather is pleasantly firm with a substantial feel. It is available in 4 dyed-through colours.

Grand leather is a strong and robust cowhide leather with a natural, distinct texture (milled grain). It is dyed-through and lightly pigmented (semi-aniline leather). Grand leather is voluminous, robust, warm to the touch and available in 5 colours.​

Leather Grand

Liso leather has a clean, smooth surface finish that gives it a contemporary appearance. Highly durable with good wear properties, this split leather comes in 2 colours.

Leather Liso

Natural leather is a very soft cowhide leather; the untreated grain gives it a very natural appearance. It is porous, breathable and warm to the touch. Through use, Natural leather takes on a lively, characteristic patina. It is available in 4 colours.

Leather Natural

Premium leather is a relatively smooth cowhide leather with a flat grain and fine top sheen. It is dyed-through and lightly pigmented. The semi-aniline leather is soft to the touch, like a leather glove. Premium leather is available in 22 colours.

Leather Premium
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