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colour + material collection


This library contains carefully selected and strategically coordinated materials and colours

Diamond Mesh is a technical spacer fabric with a three-dimensional honeycomb structure. The hollow cells in the hexagonal structure facilitate air circulation and ensure comfortable thermal conditions. These characteristics, combined with the technical, yet vibrant look of this robust knit, make it an excellent choice for office settings. Diamond Mesh is available in 9 colours.

Diamond Mesh
Netline fabric

Netline is a technical knit that makes an ideal cover material for the backrests of chairs, thanks to its elasticity. The semi-transparent mesh look of Netline emphasises its technical properties. Netline is available in 2 colours.

Silk Mesh fabric

Silk Mesh is a three-dimensional spacer fabric. Thanks to the air cells in the regular honeycomb structure, the fabric not only provides a comfortable cushioning effect but also ensures a pleasant seating climate. Silk Mesh is extremely robust and well suited for use in office environments. Silk Mesh is available in 9 colours.

Silk Mesh
SingleKnit fabric

SingleKnit is a precision knit component cover developed specifically for the Pivot office chair. The knit texture of the fabric helps to prevent users from slipping on the seat surface. This robust technical knit is ideally suited for office applications. SingleKnit is available in 5 colours.

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